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Partnership Accent jobs & DMI

Accent Jobs chooses Selligent Marketing Cloud with DMI as partner
Joz Van Acker - 12/10/2018

House of HR (Accent Jobs) wants to bring marketing to the next level. After a long evaluation, Selligent Marketing Cloud was chosen as their omni-channel marketing automation platform. DMI was selected as implementation partner because of their extended and advanced knowledge of Selligent Marketing Cloud as well as their experience with companies as Manpower and SD Worx.


The role of Marketing Automation in digital marketing
Joz Van Acker - 5/10/2018

Discover what the role of Marketing Automation is in the age of digital marketing. It's role is broad and daunting but DMI will break it down for you!

A man with an exploding brain
A journey explorer

Are you still building customer journeys?
Joz Van Acker - 5/10/2018

Marketing Automation is no longer about squeezing customers into customers journeys. Today, it is the consumer who is in the driver’s seat: he is on his individual customer journey and you as a marketeer should aim to build a maximum of touchpoints with the consumer on this journey.


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