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Who we are

We base our collaboration on mutual trust, respect, openness and integrity.

Marketing Automation Experts

Where agencies provide a wide range of services, we pride ourselves on offering dedicated marketing automation, and only marketing automation. Our single focus allows us to commit our specialised expertise in achieving your success.

Not bound by a specific software tool provider, DMI is the party with the know-how to independently advise you on the technology best suited for your needs.

Using your tool, we make automation work for you. Believing marketing automation is more than lead generation, newsletters and birthday mails, we assist you in optimising your investment. Connect to many but engage individuals.

Our company values

Basing our collaboration on mutual trust, respect, openness, integrity and flexibility – we act as partners on the road to success. DMI deems marketing automation successful when it engages your consumers while you think Strategy.

With more than 20 marketing automation developers and consultants, DMI is uniquely positioned to guide you on your quest to offer your customers the most personal experience. Count on us, either from our office or yours.

The force is with us!

Meet the Team

Marketing Automation is the up-and-coming discipline in Marketing and IT and skilled people are scarce. But our challenging training routine and positive working environment makes for a fully motivated, proficient, enthusiastic and professional team!

The DMI Belgium team
Johan Van den Hende

CEO and Head of Consultancy

Hanne Deneut

Project Manager

Hilde Dekesel

Accounting Controller

Shana Anseeuw

Office and HR Assistant

Thomas Vercamer

Marketing Automation Developer

Sean Braeckman

Marketing Automation Developer

Sam Vanrintel

Marketing Automation Developer

Roderik Iserbyt

Marketing Automation Developer

Philippe Cambien

Marketing Automation Developer

Matthew Smet

Marketing Automation Developer

Jens De Wulf

Marketing Automation Developer

Brenko Demeyere

Marketing Automation Developer

Alana Van Belle

Marketing Automation Developer

Mathijs Boone

Marketing Automation Developer

Julien Lemoine

Marketing Automation Developer

Johan, CEO of DMI

Contact Us

Joz, Sales of DMI