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Where to start

It is tempting to aim for a big bang. However, the profound impact of marketing automation on your entire organisation – from IT to purchasing and customer service to sales and marketing – asks for an evolutionary roll-out. That is why we at DMI strongly believe in a lean, step-by-step approach.

1° Know your business and set your priorities.

How does your business work today? What are you selling, how and to whom? Do you have to bring qualified leads to your sales people, your webshop or your dealers? Do you need a constant flow of new customers? Do you want to retain your customers and turn them into repeat customers? How do you increase order value? How do you up-sell, cross-sell? How do you inspire your customers? The DMI specialists can show you how marketing automation could work for your business. Discover some of our many spectacular cases.

2° Look for a technology platform that fits your needs

We at DMI often get the question: what is the best marketing automation tool? But marketing automation tools are as diverse as means of transportation, from bikes to cars, from airplanes to star destroyers. Likewise, distinct types of marketing automation tools can be distinguished: e-mail automation, lead automation and omnichannel engagement automation. DMI is your independent guide in choosing what technology is best for your needs!

3° Onboarding

Identifying data silos and merging these into a future proof data model is key at this stage. At DMI, we have a team of experienced data modelers and specialists that can assist you in connecting your marketing automation platform with your data warehouse, DMP, ERP, CRM, etc. Aim for quick wins: identify a few key processes like automating time-consuming processes or setting up basic journeys resulting in a higher turnover and margin.

4° Build and keep on building

Implement marketing automation and embark on a voyage creating the ultimate customer experience. As a marketeer, you no longer need to focus on sending out that particular newsletter. Instead, start thinking about improving the day-to-day life of your consumers using marketing automation!

This approach ensures a gradual learning curve in using the tool and gives progressive insight in the possibilities of marketing automation as a key differentiator. This evolutionary roll-out will secure belief and engagement from your organisation and management.