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IBM Watson Customer Engagement

IBM Watson


Having developed a cutting-edge AI-solution with Watson, IBM is incorporating it in its complete portfolio, including Watson Marketing. IBM has always been strong in analytics and now Watson Marketing also includes AI, delivering a personalised experience across various channels, fuelled by advanced customer insights.

For IBM, investing in AI is key, that is no secret. Marketeers wanting to take personalisation to the next level can deploy the enormous computing power of Watson to achieve a level of intelligence in their communications deemed impossible just a few years ago. Today, marketing automation tools focus on channelling existing information. With Watson, IBM will be able to actually understand context to ‘create’ appropriate responses. Implications of this (r)evolution are immense when achieved in future versions of IBM Watson Marketing.

For whom

Today, Watson Marketing delivers a great set of advanced analytics tools combined with a solid engagement platform. Lead scoring models are pre-built and easy to set up. IBM Watson Marketing is a good solution for businesses that focus on customer lifecycle marketing, from lead generation to loyalty and churn reduction. IBM Watson Marketing is less flexible than other tools, but makes up for this by being easier to implement.

Key Features

  • SAAS
  • Content Hub
  • Advanced personalization
  • Personality insights
  • AI tools
    • Machine learning
    • Visual recognition
    • Natural language analyser
    • Tone analyser
    • Speech-to-text-to-speech
  • Multi-channel
  • Product recommendation engine
  • Risk management
  • Data insight
  • Chat bot
  • Lead management & scoring
  • A/B/n testing
  • Campaign automation designer


  • IBM Watson Campaign Automation
    • Essential
    • Standard
    • Premium
  • IBM Universal Behaviour Exchange
    • Essentials
    • Standard
  • IBM Watson Marketing Insights
    • Free
    • Essentials
    • Standard
  • IBM Journey Designer
    • Free
    • Non-free


Big names in the industry use the power of IBM Watson Marketing to reach large contact audiences. Brands using the platform include big names like Ticketmaster, Western Union, ING and Zalando but also smaller, local businesses benefit from the functionalities of the tool.


The many solutions and versions IBM Watson Marketing provides make it hard to put a price tag on the platform.

IBM Watson partner

DMI Belgium has a team of developers specialized in IBM Watson. We guarantee a smooth implementation and advanced use for ROI.

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