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Flexmail specialises in e-mail marketing campaigns. The days of sending bulk e-mails are long gone, and this tool wants to help marketeers when they embark on their journey to e-mail customisation. Flexmail will assist them when building engagement and conversions with their audience, or when creating complex scenarios. All of that while still maintaining a user-friendly interface. Flexmail is driven by a flat database.

For whom

When you are completely new to the world of marketing automation, you’ll probably be overwhelmed by the variety of possibilities. For small to medium businesses (both B2B and B2C), Flexmail could be a solid choice. Do you work for a larger company? No problem, this tool is a perfect stepping stone before going to the next level. Due to its exporting capabilities, you won’t have to fear losing your well-earned data.

Key Features

  • Preference Centre
  • Smart Builder
  • Cloud based
  • Unlimited mailings
  • API integration
  • Surveys
  • Email authentication
  • A/B testing
  • Web tracking
  • Support by mail
  • Lots of standard integrations


Flexmail works for both B2B and B2C. Since they are a Belgian company, they mainly have Belgian customers. A couple of examples: Mercedes-Benz, TUI, Total, Belisol, Toerisme Vlaanderen.


Flexmail’s pricing model depends on the tier you choose and the number of contacts you have. Every tier starts with at least 2 500 contacts and can go up to a million contacts.

The first tier is called the “essential” tier. Here you have all the basic functionality such as creating campaigns, sending e-mails, a basic database … This tier starts at 43 € a month and can go up to 5178 €, depending on the number of users.

The “Pro” tier is the second tier available. Here you have all the features from the essential tier, as well as some additional features such as AB testing, dynamic content, phone support … The Pro tier also expands the number of fields you can have in your database and the maximum number of users that can use the platform. Pricing starts at 107 € a month and goes up to 5696 €.

Lastly, there is also a “Premium” tier. Again, this tier includes everything that is available in the previous tiers. Companies that heavily depend on using APIs, that would like to do web tracking or work with multiple domains can find what they need right here. The last tier starts at 267 € a month and goes up to 6657 €.


A great stepping stone towards a full-blown marketing automation environment. Flexmail and its user-friendly, web-based environment will help you overcome your first challenges on the road to personalising your communication.

Flexmail partner DMI

DMI Belgium is your premium Flexmail partner. We can prepare your data for import into Flexmail, help you build your flows and campaigns. Furthermore, we can build seamless integrations with your other tools like Teamleader.

Johan, CEO of DMI

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