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Censhare is a Universal, Smart Content Management platform that enables brands to engage their audience.

When doing Marketing Automation, it is essential to organize and centralize your content in one place, so you can easily change content everywhere by a few clicks.


Digital Asset Management

censhare manages and relates every type of digital content within a central system, seamlessly integrating it into all content processes.

Web Content Management

Websites are still the centerpiece of our Digital Experience Strategies and the digital touchpoints that they support are critical to the customer’s experience.

Product Information Management

censhare connects product master data with all relevant information and media for production and output across all channels.

Omnichannel Content Management

They are a Universal, Smart Content Management software vendor that supplies a content and marketing platform to global brands.

Brand Management

censhare ensures consistent brand management across all channels, employees, partners, regions and languages.

Marketing Resource Management

censhare combines budgets and project management for transparent planning and successful campaigns.

Censhare partner

DMI Belgium has a team of developers specialized in Censhare. We guarantee a smooth implementation and advanced use for ROI.

Joz, Sales of DMI

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Joz, Sales of DMI