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DMI connects all your tools for a seamless process and data integration

DMI connects your Marketing Automation tool with your CRM, back-office, data warehouse, DMP, website, ERP, webshop, Customer service software, PIM, DAM, social media, custom systems & apps. Make all your relevant data available at a glance for marketing use and share marketing results and insights with your sales and every other department.


According to your needs, we develop uni- or bidirectional data and process synchronisations, in real-time or scheduled in batch.


Using Web API’s with REST or SOAP, or via your propriety connectors, we develop your data and process integration. With content rendering, we can incorporate external forms in your website to start automated marketing processes.

CRM integration

We connect your marketing automation tools like Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua, IBM Watson, Selligent, Adobe EC, Salesforce Pardot etc. to Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM, Zoho, SAP C4C, etc.

By integrating both CRM and marketing automation data and processes seamlessly, you can offer your customers the best experience possible. E.g. by bringing qualified leads to sales or getting more out of existing customers.

Data exchange

Back-office, data warehouse, DMP, website, ERP, webshop, your custom or standard back-office software, Navision, Exact software, SAP, Shopify, Magento, Demandware, Customer service software,… : we can connect all relevant data like product catalogues, sales history, payment history, contact data, etc. bidirectionally between all your systems.

Process starting and stopping

We integrate your marketing automation with your other programs to allow e.g. your customer service to start a marketing or service flow; to let your accounting department put marketing flows on hold when an invoice has expired by 30 days; to send leads back to marketing when a prospect did not convert after X number of days, etc.

Package deal

We offer a 2-day analytics package for a fixed price of 1600 €. On completion you will receive a document describing the integration and the estimated budget needed.

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