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The role of Marketing Automation in digital marketing

Discover what the role of Marketing Automation is in the age of digital marketing. It’s role is broad and daunting but DMI will break it down for you!

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The role of Marketing Automation in digital marketing is similar to the role of a conductor in a symphonic orchestra. It conducts all individual elements, makes them work together in order to create a harmonious sound for the listener.

 Manchester transistorized computer

Image source:  computerhistory.org

The history of digital marketing

Unbelievable as it may seem to the younger generation, not that long ago there was a time without smartphones, internet, social media and e-mail.

The first websites were more like a sales brochure or an advertising board.
But as smartphones became popular, everyone has gone digital. And sales and marketing want to be where their customers are.

Today most companies have an advanced website, they practise SEO, SEA, social posting, social messaging, have a tool to track their website and another to track the social behaviour of customers.
They have built what is often called a digital stack, most frequently with a fair share of redundant tools.


A man thinking about the role of marketing automation and hurting his brain?

Most companies digital marketing is bothersome to and annoying for their customers

But the worst thing is that the different departments in companies all play a different tune.
Ever had an e-mail with a special offer for an item you bought just a few days ago? Why do companies show you the exact item you bought last week on all channels? Why do they ask you on Facebook to buy a subscription when you have already been subscribed for many years?
A few years ago, I had 3 different offers in one week from the same electricity company!
Not only are those companies wasting a lot of money, much worse is that their customers are bothered and annoyed by them. And aren’t we all aiming to give the best experience to our customers?

How Marketing Automation can help

Good Marketing Automation starts with bringing data from all internal department’s silo’s together. The next step is to start orchestrating your interaction with the consumer. A relevant identical message will be exchanged with the consumer on whatever channel he/she is using: website, e-mail, app, social media, advertising, direct mail, social messaging, …

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