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Will Selligent decimate competition?

Selligent has been a leading marketing automation tool provider for years. The new owners and totally reshaped management have now put the bar very high by introducing the brand new Selligent Marketing Cloud Platform in an attempt to reshape the marketing automation landscape.

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The very hush hush huge investments the last 6 months in a completely revised UX and a multitude of extras, have made Selligent a one-stop engagement platform for marketeers and thus posing a serious threat to Salesforce.com MC and Adobe MC. Selligent aims to gain market share at the expense of these giant players.

Selligent Marketing Cloud allows marketeers to engage in an intensely personal automated dialogue with their customers.

DMI , as the longstanding Selligent partner, prides itself on having the lion’s share of certified developers in the Benelux. These new developments only instil our confidence in this partnership.

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The open SQL platform for managing your data has been one of Selligent’s strengths for years. It has enabled marketeers to push the limit in making advanced campaigns and automated lifecycles. By strengthening their best of breed email platform even more with multiple mobile and social channels, Selligent is unleashing the full potential of data management technology. What differs them from the competition? Selligent Marketing Cloud offers one fully integrated unified platform, operating your entire omnichannel strategy. This vision allows Selligent to surpass competitor software, which is mostly comprised of separately acquired tools.

New UX

A completely new, particularly user-friendly and wizard-driven interface, allows marketeers to build the most complex dialogues.

New: Artificial intelligence – Selligent Cortex

It’s a hot topic, what really works for marketeers these days? Selligent already offers two concrete applications with the introduction of Selligent Cortex:

1° Product and content recommendation: based on the analysis of transactional and behavioural data, Cortex allows for the presentation of the correct content and products to your customers.

As a marketeer, you can easily configure a set of rules such as stock position, the pushing of new products, cross- and up-selling, …

2° Channel and delivery time optimization: allows you to communicate through the appropriate channel at the right time. Want to mail during a lunch break or send a Messenger notification at night during a Netflix session? Cortex makes the decision for you.

Expanded: Mobile

The already abundant possibilities of communicating through all kinds of mobile devices is now even more expanded with a vast array of new opportunities such as mobile push and geo-fencing.

This allows you, as a marketeer, to achieve automated location-based messaging: “Now a special promotion in our shop just around the corner”.

New: Social

Selligent already allowed for the posting of your message on your social media accounts. Now you can also use targeted advertising on social media like Facebook and Google or send messages via Messenger or WhatsApp. Your contact is not reading your emails? Re-engage them through social media channels.

Selligent Marketing Cloud has made a huge leap into the future and is not only keeping pace with their competitors, but has even surpassed them. The quest for the ultimate audience engagement using uttermost personal communication is at an end with Selligent Marketing Cloud.

Expanded: Website

Selligent Site already allowed you to track and score unidentified website visitors with the aim to personalize your website and emails. This is further refined and expanded with extra personalization possibilities, especially in combination with Cortex.

Push notifications no longer only means sending personalized messages on your customer’s smartphone. Selligent Marketing Cloud is introducing Web push: browser adapted notifications to re-engage your website visitors even when they are not using your site at that specific moment.

Data management and reporting

Selligent already surpassed themselves by way of their own Data Management Platform (DMP), an open SQL platform where nothing is impossible and everything can be accessed directly through the UX. Selligent now complemented this by offering all sorts of new reporting possibilities. The new Cortex-based dashboards and visualizations empower marketeers to have more control of and insight into all omni-channel dialogues.

New in emailing: kinetic content

Now Selligent Marketing Cloud also offers their customers to send highly personalized interactive emails containing web functionality: kinetic content. The content is automatically adapted to the user’s behaviour resulting in an optimal personal experience. By directly accessing content blocks in the CMS library, new content can be automatically constructed. The success rate of every separate content block can be measured and monitored through the reporting tool. Together with video embedding, any marketeer can achieve richer and improved but foremost more personalized messages.

Interested in Selligent Marketing Cloud?

Not using Selligent? DMI is looking forward to visiting your company alongside Selligent, to demonstrate the wide opportunities Selligent has to offer in a presentation and a personalized demo.

Already using Selligent? Marketing Cloud offers even more at the exact same price. The SaaS platform continues to maintain and support all your existing configurations, data and campaigns, but you are presented with an extra UX adding a multitude of extra tools to the existing rich functionality.

Needless to say, this vast array of new possibilities makes Selligent Marketing Cloud extremely appealing. Get inspired and contact DMI. We would be more than pleased to illustrate all the opportunities the renewed Selligent has to offer and creatively think along about all possible novel implementations.

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