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Influencer marketing is not all about superstars

Which company does not want stars promoting their products? But are stars your best brand ambassadors? They are not necessarily a fan of your brand but are rather paid to promote your brand. There is no denying that, if a famous pop star is wearing your brand of clothing, your sales will explode. But let’s be realistic, this does not come cheap. So, if you are a smaller brand, you cannot afford this.

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Influencer marketing, from ordinary customers who share their experience with your brand and products, is what you are looking for. Turn you customers into brand advocates and brand ambassadors, who promote your brand and make them share the core of your marketing strategy.

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What are brand influencers?

Brand influencers are hired to promote your brand, they are not necessarily fans of your brand and have no special connection with it. Like media, they are paid by the number of followers they have on their blog, twitter, Facebook fan page, …

What are brand advocates?

Brand advocates are ordinary customers who have had a positive experience with your brand, but have no indisputable love for your brand. They are willing to share their positive experience with their friends, but are no community builders for your brand.

What are brand ambassadors?

Brand ambassadors are not hired but earned. These are people that love your brand or product much, they are willing to recommend your brand pro-actively, share their positive feelings and experiences with others. Trust is the key here, so it can seriously backfire when faking this.

Ask what your customers think about your brand and products

There might be a few customers who will send you feedback spontaneously but it will be unstructured and mostly negative feedback. So ask them what they think about their experience with your brand and products. NPS (Net Promotor Score), forms and product reviews contribute to learning how your customers experience your brand and products.
If there are issues solve them! User experience is key, if your web shop isn’t working properly do something about it. If they all ask for your product in green and you only have in pink …

Engage with your customers using the force of marketing automation

Marketing automation can collect all the information from your customers and bring it together in one profile. Based on this unified profile your brand can engage in a hyper personalised way and with coherent content across all channels. This helps to give your customers a hyper personalized experience and the best experience possible.
Build an awesome marketing automation program to turn your customers into brand advocates and even brand ambassadors. Detect when they become brand ambassadors and stimulate them to share their experience with your brand.

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