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Re-engaging FUN customers with a reactivation flow

Boosters engaged! Over 22.000 customers with a sleeper status re-engaged! Learn how we approached and developed up a reactivation flow for our client FUN.

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Before we explain how we achieved our great results using our reactivation flow, let’s dig into who the client exactly is.

Fun: that’s play, create and party, for a world full of pleasure. Fun is the Flemish (r)e-tailer, who has specialized itself in ‘Family Fun’. At Fun, you can find toys and leisure-articles for kids, adults and the creatives, online and offline. Fun is a specialist in pleasure and provides an inspiring and broad assortment of toys, craft supplies and party-articles all year long. A unique mix in Flemish retail.

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Fun was founded in 2001 as a toy- and leisure-shop and has of today more than 30 shops and an impressive web shop.

In 2013 Fun and online retailer Fundoo merged together. With a new and unique multichannel concept, Fun(doo) makes sure the customer is always the most important thing. The modern shopper gets the control he expects over his purchase. 24/7 Fun service, a complete overview of the assortment and a user-friendly web shop. Moreover, the customer decides how he purchases; in a shop, click & go in a retail outlet or home delivery.

Business Goals

To Reactivate Customers

The goal is to reactivate customers who have not been active for a certain period (= Sleepers) to create a bigger revenue for the company. Being a toy-reseller, we can see that a lot of customers are one-time-buyers. Fun wanted to trigger these customers to come back to the stores (be it online or offline) more frequently and to entice them to buy more. In order to increasing our revenue, Fun wants to increase the customer’s loyalty to our brand. We want to be the preference of choice when in need of new toys or leisure articles, not a choice.

The Challenge

The hardest part of reactivating customers is knowing why customers became inactive in the first place and at when that happened. This can only be done through a thorough investigation of available data in all systems. We had to interface all data from different systems into Selligent Campaign in order to make analyses on the customer’s behaviour. With all this data available, we still had to make a custom system which is able to convert all collected data to simplified categories. This is achieved with a custom (E)RFM-model (Engagement, Recency, Frequency, Monetary), recalculated after every daily data load from the other systems.

When we have all data available and have calculated a simplified category for each customer, we still needed to (re)connect to the customer and make sure this customer gets back to a store to buy again. Because not every customer has a high engagement rate with the Fun brand, we have to make sure the customer interacts with the message we send him.
Image source: http://retentiongrid.com/

The Reactivation Results

Out of the ±54.000 mails we’ve sent to customers who got a sleeper status, ±22.000 customers have purchased since they were engaged in the reactivation campaign or ±40% and moved to another segment in our ERFM model! More than 2.000 customers used their coupon code within the first 2 weeks after receiving their reactivation mail.

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